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Post Construction Cleaning Service in Markham – We are pleased to extend our services to include professional post-construction cleaning. Our skilled team is ready to ensure that your newly built or renovated property is impeccably clean and ready for occupancy. Take advantage of our expertise and ensure a seamless conclusion to your construction projects.
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Established over 15 years ago, 21st Cleaning Services boasts deep-rooted connections in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton, with our ownership firmly entrenched within the Oakville community. Our team, characterized by an impressive average tenure of over five years, epitomizes a rare commitment in the commercial cleaning industry. Drawing from our rich European heritage, we embrace a strong work ethic and a dedication to surpassing expectations.

Our diverse clientele ranges from strip malls and skyscraper offices to automotive dealerships, residential complexes, and various professional firms. 21st Century Cleaning Services treats every client’s space with the utmost respect and care, as if it were our own. We are proud to offer comprehensive commercial cleaning across Oakville, Burlington, and Milton and are thrilled to now extend our specialized post-construction cleaning service to Markham. This ensures that your newly constructed spaces are not only well-cleaned but truly transformed. We invite you to experience our commitment first-hand with a free, no-obligation proposal, helping you step into a cleaner, more successful future.

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21st Cleaning Services is excited to extend our expert Post Construction Cleaning Service to the Markham area, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Following any construction or renovation project, a considerable amount of debris, dust, and leftover material can detract from the beauty and functionality of the space. Our professional team is equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to ensure that your new or renovated property is spotless and ready for occupancy.

We understand that every construction site is different, and that’s why our post-construction cleaning services are customized to suit the unique requirements of your specific project. Whether it’s a new family home, a refurbished office complex, or a large-scale industrial environment, we bring meticulous attention to detail to each job. Our goal is to transform your construction site into a clean, inviting space that reflects the hard work and investment you have put into it.

Our comprehensive cleaning process involves multiple stages, beginning with the removal of all post-construction debris. This includes larger items like scrap materials and wall partitions, as well as smaller debris such as nails and screws. Once the area is cleared, our team performs a deep clean of all surfaces, from floors to ceilings. This involves dusting, washing, and sanitizing to eliminate all traces of construction dust and dirt.

Floor cleaning is an integral part of our service. Depending on the type of flooring installed, whether hardwood, carpet, or tile, we use specific cleaning techniques that not only clean but also protect and maintain the integrity of the flooring. Our window cleaning service ensures that all windows are pristine and free from any paint splashes or plaster, providing a clear view and making a significant difference in the overall appearance of the building.

In addition to cleaning visible areas, we focus on the finer details that contribute to a thorough clean-up. This includes cleaning inside cabinets, drawers, and appliances, ensuring that every corner of your space is dust-free and ready to be used. Our team also handles external areas such as patios and entrances, which are often overlooked in post-construction cleanups.

At 21st Cleaning Services, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective yet safe for both our clients and the environment. These products are carefully selected to avoid harsh chemicals without compromising on cleanliness.

Our team comprises dedicated, trained, and insured professionals who are passionate about what they do. We pride ourselves on our reliability and punctuality, understanding that timely completion of cleaning is crucial, especially in the real estate and construction industries where delays can have significant implications.

Flexibility in scheduling is another cornerstone of our service. We work around your timeline to provide cleaning services at the most convenient time, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations or move-in plans. At 21st Cleaning Services, we don’t just clean; we create environments that are ready for life or work.

For clients in Markham looking for a trusted partner to handle the crucial task of post-construction cleaning, 21st Cleaning Services offers a proven track record of impeccable cleaning and customer satisfaction. Connect with us today to discuss how we can assist you in transitioning smoothly from construction chaos to clean, serene, and organized spaces. Whether it’s unveiling your project’s final look or preparing for its new occupants, we are here to ensure the final presentation is as polished as your construction work.

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To provide a cleaning service that has a positive impact on our customers. We are committed to a high quality cleaning service and maintain long term business relationships with our customers.

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We provide competitive commercial cleaning services with an affordable price.

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Provididing eco-friendly cleaning services that do not cause any harm to the environment and human health .

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Spotless solution always meets expectations and requirements of our clients.

All staff are working at heights certified

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Our expert team specializes in post-construction cleaning, tackling dirt, dust, and debris with precision and efficiency. Experience a spotless finish with our trusted services.

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