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Commercial Window Cleaning

Providing highrise and lowrise window cleaning for the entire Greater Toronto Area 


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Commercial and Strata Window Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how the windows on skyscrapers and high rise buildings get cleaned? The answer is a professional high rise window cleaning service. A high rise window cleaning service like ours uses specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. The employees of high rise window cleaning services are trained in the proper methods and techniques that are involved in the cleaning process. Window cleaning, Toronto and elsewhere, in high rise buildings can be a dangerous task without the properly trained professional.


High rise window cleaning services in Toronto and surrounding areas are used to clean the windows of hotels, condominiums, shopping malls and universities. High rise window cleaners use products that remove hard water stains, salt residue, dust and pollen. The products we use do not leave streaks or soapy residue on the windows. Unlike many high rise window cleaning companies, 21st Century also offer interior window cleaning services making it easier for businesses to have crystal clean windows inside and out!


High rise window cleaning is considered to be a preventative maintenance measure that is intended to keep windows from becoming deteriorated. Most high rise window cleaning services are performed about twice a year on existing buildings. Newly constructed or remodeled buildings should be cleaned up to four times in their first year of existence and then twice a year thereafter. The sealant that is used in the windows in newly constructed and remodeled buildings can run and cause stains which may become etched into the glass and cannot be removed.
Our team is well trained to operate any type of Automated Permanent Scaffold Suspension System. We use Stage, Bosun Chair and Ladder to effectively perform the tasks and to ensure that work is done professionally and safely.
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Your One Stop Commercical Cleaning Solution

In addition to Window Cleaning Services for Commercial high rise and low rise buildings, 21st Century Commercial Cleaning Services also offers complete interior cleaning services for facilities in Oakville, Burlington and Milton.

Having just one point of contact for all your maintenance needs means a more efficient use of your time and less stress having to manage more than one service provider:

Anytime you need any of the following services, 21st Century Cleaning. is just one call away.

  • Full Commercial¬† Cleaning.
  • Interior/Exterior window cleaning service.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning.
  • And more

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our exceedingly comprehensive approach to maintaining your premises.

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    21st Century Cleaning Services is always going above and beyond conventional commercial cleaners!  We want to make running your business in a clean and safe environment easy.


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