Access and insurance

Our professional High-Rise Window Cleaning service provides immaculately clean windows for commercial buildings of all sizes. Our trained and certified technicians use Swing Stages, Rope Access and Bosun Chairs to make your windows look spotless. Through the safe and effective techniques of our High-Rise Window Cleaning, Toronto Window Cleaners can make your facility, residence, or office look inviting and welcome!

Aerial Lifts

A useful aerial work platform, operated by trained professionals, enables reaching heights up to 300 feet, surpassing ladders or water-fed poles. Our truck-mounted aerial platforms enhance mobility, minimize setup time, and ensure efficient execution of tasks, particularly for high or hard-to-reach work.


Access and insurance
Access and insurance

Rope Access

As the sole Ontario team certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), we provide an alternative option if truck mounts are not allowed. With rope access, we efficiently access confined spaces and intricate structures.


David Systems

Davit systems, top-notch facade access tools, securely suspend equipment over building edges. Perfect for window cleaning and exterior maintenance, these roof-mounted systems allow full lateral, horizontal, and vertical movement of the working platform.


Access and insurance
Access and insurance

Water Fed Pole

With a water-fed pole, windows up to 80 feet high can be safely cleaned from the ground. This chemical-free system uses purified water to wash away dirt and grime, ensuring spotless and streak-free results when dried. It offers a secure, quick, and efficient way to clean exterior windows, eliminating the requirement for ladders or specialized lifting equipment.


Traditional - Cleaning from Inside the Building

Among the diverse access methods accessible, cleaning windows from inside the building remains the most straightforward and secure approach. This approach facilitates comprehensive cleaning of both interior and exterior window glass, including window frames and sills. However, it is only applicable to windows that can be opened. For non-openable windows, alternative access methods must be utilized to ensure thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior surfaces.


Access and insurance

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